Frequently Asked Questions

Love After Tone’s Commonly Asked Questions

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions we hear about Love After Tone phones and services.

Love After Tone phones are a truly unique alternative instead of the traditional guest book pen-to-paper experience. Capturing your beloved guests’ voices and well wishes, whether they be heartfelt, funny, genuine, or a regrettable morning drunken message, we record it all. Taking a step back in time and using a retro-looking device known as a rotary telephone with a modern-day voicemail twist is a must-have product at weddings and events ending with messages to keep and remember forever long after your once-in-a-lifetime event is over.

The joy of a loved ones voice is an unmatchable keepsake. Our telephone guest book allows you to record and immortalize irreplaceable voicemail messages from once in a lifetime event, just by picking up and handset and speaking.

Remember when you took either your cell phone, office work phone or just set up your outgoing message on your answering machine? If you did that you will easily be able to record and deliver us a message to upload to your Love After Tone telephone.

Love After Tone telephones do not require any landline or cellular services for use. No wifi or internet connection is required or app to worry about operating, limiting the need of technical skills.

To set up your Love After Tone Phone, just do this:

Retro Phones

  • Plug the phone into the included battery or electrical outlet with supplied power plug.
  • Wait about 60 seconds for white LED on the front bottom under the phone to turn on solid white.
  • Once the light is on you can pick up the handset and hear a greeting ensuring your phone is ready for use.

Vintage Phones

  • Press the power button under the handset and listen for the “power on” voice to come from the phone.
  • Once powered on you can pick up the handset and hear a greeting ensuring your phone is ready for use.

Once either style of phone is setup you Love After Tone Phone will be ready for your guests to start leaving messages.

Setting up takes minutes, and we also provide step-by-step instructions with every Love After Tone Phone. We also have instructional setup videos on our Youtube channel.

During the event guest just pick up the phone handset and leave a message after the beep that follows the greeting. When they hang up the handset the message is save to the brain of the Love After Tone phone.

Whether it is a tear jerker sentimental message from a grandparent on your wedding day, life advice to school graduate about to take on the next phase of their life,  parental advice or a message for a soon to be born little one at a baby shower your Love After Tone Phone will capture it all.

Love after Tone Phones have rental options ranging from $400 in office pick up options and range up to 7 day rental option for $975.

The phone is a rental having either a 4 day rental option or a 7 day rental option. The rental period will begin from the time you receive the phone.

Once your event is over you can pack the phone, power source, (included power plug and battery), signage acrylic, into the Love After Tone box. Use provided Love After Tone branded sealing tape to seal the box if you don’t have packaging tape. Once the box is sealed, place the provided return label on top outside of the box and return to appropriate carries service.

Late return fees will count as additional rental days and charges will apply at a rate of no less than 20% of the total rental cost per day late, unless an exception is made, in writing, by Provider in advance. If Client wishes to dispute a late return fee, Client must provide time stamped proof of return shipping validation, through a receipt provided by shipping carrier at time of drop-off/pick-up.

Currently we only ship within the United States.

Yes, we will provide a sign whether it is one of our custom designs or downloaded from our dropbox signage library.

Depending on the style you choose we will email you a video with setup and testing instructions. Retro Style Phone you plug the phone into the power source, (provided battery or power plug) hang up the handset and wait about a minute for the white LED on bottom of the front of the phone. Once the white LED light is on, pick up the handset and you should hear the greeting ensuring the phone is working. You May need to repeat it a couple times if it does not work the first time. Vintage Style Phones you turn on the power button under the phone and wait for the “power on” voice command to speak. After hearing the voice you can hang up the handset. After the handset is hung up you can then pick it up again and listen for the personalized greeting ensuring the phone is working.

To ensure the color and style you want to book is available the sooner the better.

Once the sale has been processed through our website your phone is reserved for your event.

Once the order is processed through the website it guarantees that your chosen color is available for your event.

Your phone will arrive at least 3 days before the rental. If this timeline will not work please let us know and we can make accommodations to make sure we setup a time you would like to receive your phone by.

Nope, no matter what style phone you select they are completely wireless. They are powered by the power source (battery or plug) and will record for the entirety of the event.

The phone recording results will be better the quieter the location is though it will still pick up some background noises. We recommend not placing the phone right next to any speakers.

Turnaround for messages is within two weeks. “Call in Guest Messaging” is a common add-on by clients and this will run up to a week after your event so we need that time to have all the messages come through. If you order a post event vinyl record it could take up to 8 weeks after you supply us with your album artwork photos.

The only time we will remove a guest message if hate speech is being used. Other than that you will receive any other type of message.

Nope, you will get every message that guest leave on your phone during the event as well as the call in messages if this feature is added to your phone rental.

Sure can, we can process a sale just for the add ons you wish to add.

Special events are once in a lifetime moments where the memories of the event may get harder to remember as time passes on.

With a Love after Tone Phone the messages guests leave from you event are captured to go back and listen to forever!

Love After Tone Phones are a unique experience for guests to use and keep them entertained. Coming in two styles and many colors we are sure you can find a phone to fit the theme and decor of any event.