About Us

Paul Manzari and family sitting on steps

About Love After Tone

Hello, we are Kelli and Paul Manzari, the phone operators behind Love After Tone Audio Guestbook Telephones. When Kelli is not teaching her second grade classroom and Paul is not on the road working for his event production and DJ company Envision Entertainment & Events Co., they are working at The Love After Tone office with their French Bulldog and company CEO Dacks preparing phones for events to capture messages lasting a lifetime.

When we both got married we had heard about people recording guest messages onto telephones using a recording device and thought it would be complementary to sit beside our traditional pen to paper guestbook we would have on display for our wedding guests to sign. Paul’s extensive research found that the sound quality of recordings and the dependability of the units already on the market were less than desirable. Paul’s background in audio and dedication to high quality event production led him to find a better solution that would not fail. After taking a real working retro styled phone that was manufactured in the 70s and finding a small computer solution to install inside the phone to act as the Love After Tone phones main intellect part he ended up with a modern solution of capturing voicemail messages in real time and having the ability to download the messages for delivery and even upload his and Kelli’s personalized greeting to the phone.

Early testing in the office went well where Kelli and Paul were confident in having a Mint Green phone out near their guestbook and second Pink phone in the Hotel Saranac Great Hall Bar telephone booth where their cocktail hour took place. Weeks after the wedding when life settled back down to a normal pace Kelli and Paul returned to the office to listen together to the messages for the first time. Kelli was crying with all the sentimental messages and Paul was in tears laughing at all the late night drunken prank messages guests had left on the phones. Both Kelli and Paul wanted a way to share these messages with family and so they created away to take all the messages and share them via a textable and emailable .MP3 player looking layout with one of their wedding photos as the album art so anyone receiving the file knew what they were getting.

Immediately the outstanding feedback Kelli and Paul got from sharing the messages was surprising with several people asking if they could rent the service from Paul’s company Envision Entertainment. At the time it was not a service Paul offered but Kelli and him felt there was something there and it would be great to share to the masses so Love After Tone was created in 2023. Shortly after we had a business name in place the unfortunate passing of Kelli’s great aunt made us really realize how special these phones can be as her aunt’s message is a great keepsake Kelli has to go back and listen to forever and we needed to push hard to get the business off the ground.

Kelli and Paul’s mission is to make Love After Tone to be a personalized touch for any type of event whether it be a wedding, anniversary party, birthday party, graduation party, baby shower, gender reveal party, or any unique event you can imagine. With the high quality recordings, and the newly added feature of guests not attending (or invited) to your event to be able to call in makes these phones unlike any other phones on the market. Even when the event is long over, our personalized touches do not end there with the option to have your messages pressed to a vinyl record, CD or even delivered on a cassette looking flash drive to display as a unique conversation piece forever. No matter what event you may be having, we want you to leave nothing left unsaid with a Love After Tone Phone.